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As an investment program endorsed by the AFL-CIO, the BIT has the collateral objective to help create union jobs and promote positive labor relations.


Competitive Risk-Adjusted Returns

The BIT has an established track record of competitive risk-adjusted returns. The BIT 10-year returns for the period ended March 31, 2022, were 8.94% Gross and 7.95% Net.
















Comprehensive Labor Policies

Subject to the satisfaction of its investment objectives and underwriting criteria, BIT investments support union jobs within construction and related industries. Under its comprehensive union labor policy, BIT investments have created millions of union construction work hours, plus thousands of union jobs in the maintenance and operation of BIT properties.












Local Jobs for Local Union Workers

The BIT invests in Real Estate investments located in the communities where union families live and work.

The BIT has invested over $7.4 billion to acquire or develop over 42 million square feet of commercial real estate and just under 16,000 apartment units over the past 33 years.










Performance data shown represents past performance. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Gross returns are calculated net of fund level expenses, except for Trustee fees. Net returns are calculated net of all fund expenses. Returns are calculated quarterly on a time-weighted basis using beginning-of-period values and reflect the reinvestment of all income. All returns, with the exception of those for the current quarter, are annualized. Income is the dividends, interest, and rents net of operating expense from BIT investments and other sources (except realized and unrealized gains and losses from investments). Net appreciation is the realized and unrealized gains and losses from BIT real estate investments calculated based on fair values determined utilizing independent real estate appraisals. Each year, the consolidated financial statements of the BIT are audited by an independent firm, and financial statements based upon such audit are delivered to each Participant (as defined in the Investment Memorandum of the BIT). The fair market value of each real estate investment as reflected in such audited financial statements is derived using the same information and methodology as discussed above. Additional information is available in the Investment Memorandum of the BIT or otherwise available upon request.

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