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The AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust (BIT) began operations July 1, 1988, as an open-end, commingled group trust. Originally investing in real estate-related debt, the BIT’s investment strategy has evolved as its assets have grown: first to a balanced debt and equity fund and today as a collective trust fund investing primarily in equity real estate investments. The primary objective of the BIT is to generate competitive risk-adjusted returns by investing in Real Estate investments that have the potential to offer the BIT current cash return, long-term capital appreciation, or both.  The BIT also created and operates comprehensive union labor policies designed to help create union jobs throughout the country.

The BIT is a bank collective trust for which PNC Bank, National Association (PNC Bank) is Trustee. The primary objective of the BIT is to generate competitive risk-adjusted returns by investing in commercial real estate. The investors in the BIT are comprised of qualified pension funds and retirement plans with union beneficiaries. As a collateral objective, BIT investments help create union jobs and promote positive labor relations. As of March 31, 2022, the BIT had a gross asset value of $7.0 B, and a net asset value of $5.3 B.

Securities offered through AFL-CIO ITC Financial, LLC (ITCF)

The BIT invests exclusively in US markets and has developed and implemented a comprehensive written union labor policy. In its 33-year history, the BIT has invested over $7.4 billion for the development and acquisition of more than 200 office, retail, multifamily, hotel, warehouse, and mixed-use properties across the country. These investments have generated millions of union construction work hours and created thousands of union jobs in the service, maintenance and operations of facilities owned by the BIT.
As a fund carrying the AFL-CIO name, the BIT offers eligible pension and retirement plans the opportunity to diversify their portfolios, reduce risk and enhance returns through prudent investments in the development and acquisition of commercial real estate. The comprehensive written union labor policy is designed to benefit the BIT’s investments by promoting positive labor relations, quality construction and productivity through the use of trained and skilled craft workers, while minimizing possible costs associated with labor disputes on properties in which the BIT invests, and to produce various union-related collateral benefits with respect to the creation of union jobs and the assurance of organizational rights to employees.

The BIT accepts investments on a quarterly basis and can accept investments from multiemployer retirement plans, other employer retirement plans that have union members as participants, labor union staff retirement plans, or retirement plans of organizations that provide education to fiduciaries and service providers of multiemployer plans, single or multiple employer plans covering union member and labor union staff plans. To qualify as an investor, a plan must qualify or be eligible under certain provisions of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

For more information on making an investment in the BIT please contact AFL-CIO ITC Financial, LLC (ITCF) at 202-898-9190 or .

More information regarding the investments, risks, and expenses of the BIT, copies of the latest investment memorandum and the applicable plan documents for the BIT, including the trust agreement and a form of participation agreement, may be obtained by contacting 855-530-0640 or B. Please read the investment memorandum carefully before investing in the BIT.

Securities offered through AFL-CIO ITC Financial, LLC

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