International and BCTC

Ralph Affrunti

21 Apr: Ralph Affrunti

“When union pension capital is invested in shaping our city skylines, as it has in Chicago, the labor movement shows…

kenneth rigmaiden

21 Apr: Kenneth E. Rigmaiden

IUPAT members are beneficiaries of the AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust investment strategy. The fund provides competitive returns for our pensions…

Robbie Hunter

21 Apr: Robbie Hunter

“Strong investments, job creation and high union standards—the philosophy of the AFL-CIO BIT speaks for itself.”


02 Apr: Mary Kay Henry

“The AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust generates hours of union work that reach beyond the construction of the project.  BIT projects…


02 Apr: Kinsey M. Robinson

“It’s extremely important for the labor movement to invest in itself, especially with products like the BIT.  It creates union…


02 Apr: Newton Jones

“As an investor and proud supporter of the AFL-CIO BIT, I believe the program is something that the entire labor…