Union Labor 

All projects in which the BIT invests must first and foremost meet the Trust's investment objectives and criteria.  

In addition, the AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust (BIT) has adopted a comprehensive union labor policy which is designed to benefit the BIT's investments by:

1) Promoting positive labor relations, quality construction and productivity through the use of trained and skilled craft workers, while minimizing possible costs associated with labor disputes on properties in which the BIT invests.

2) Producing various union related collateral benefits with respect to the creation of union jobs and organizational rights to employees.  

Since the inception of the fund, the BIT's labor policies have enabled the BIT to generate thousands of jobs for union members of the building and construction trades, as well as thousands of union jobs in the service, maintenance, and operation of properties owned by the BIT.


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BIT News

Worker Appreciation Luncheon Held at The National Apartments in Old City Over 100 union tradespeople were honored at a worker appreciation luncheon hosted by the AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust ("BIT"), the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO, and the Philadelphia Building & Construction Trades Council.
Construction Moves Above Ground in the Windy City Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the BIT by viewing the BIT's latest joint venture project along the Chicago River, Wolf Point East
Recent Transactions Take a moment to look at some recent transactions of the BIT. As with all investments by the BIT, new acquisitions have to adhere to the BIT's union labor policies, which can help stimulate union job creation and economic growth in communities across America.