AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust & Joint Venture Partner Break Ground In St.Louis

(L to R) Randy Kinder, Senior Vice President, AFL-CIO Investment Trust CorporationJeffery P. Aboussie, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the St. Louis Building & Construction Trades Council; Pat White, President, Greater St. Louis Labor Council, AFL-CIO; Michael Louis, President of the Missouri AFL-CIO; Gina Walsh, President of the Missouri State Building Trades Council; Lynn Fieldman, Vice President of Construction & Labor Relations, AFL-CIO Investment Trust Corporation.      

St. Louis, MO (June 28, 2016) - Local community advocates, union leadership, politicians, and members of the Missouri business community gathered to celebrate the groundbreaking of Encore at Forest Park, the second joint venture between the AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust and Balke Brown Transwestern.

"Today we celebrate the beginning of this project,” said Randy Kinder, Senior Vice President of the AFL-CIO Investment Trust Corporation. Kinder added, “and we hope it is only the beginning of what the fund can help bring to Missouri.”*

Encore at Forest Park has an estimated total development cost of $51 million, and at completion is planned to be a five-story multifamily apartment with 247 rental units. The building will be surrounded by a mixture of office mid-rises and retail as a part of the Highlands at Forest Park redevelopment over the land that previously housed the St. Louis Arena.

Jeffery P. Aboussie, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the St. Louis Building & Construction Trades Council, speaks at the groundbreaking of the AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust's Encore at Forest Park.

"We are proud to see our union pension dollars being put to work through investment in the Building Investment Trust. These investments help to put members to work on projects that improve our community”* said Jeffery P. Aboussie, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the St. Louis Building & Construction Trades Council.

The BIT and its joint venture partner, Balke Brown Transwestern, have previously completed work on Cortona, a 278 unit multi-family property in St. Louis. That $69 million development lies directly next to Encore, and has been consistently rated one of the best apartments in the city by the St. Louis Apartment Association.

Michael Louis, President of the Missouri AFL-CIO, speaks at the groundbreaking of the AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust's Encore at Forest Park.

"We’re at a time when families across Missouri are struggling to earn the wages it takes to raise a family, so we in the labor movement need to get creative with how we create opportunity," said Michael Louis, President of the Missouri AFL-CIO. President Louis added, "investment vehicles like the AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust are innovative ways to put our pension dollars to work while helping to create good union jobs for working men and women across the state. ”*

Gina Walsh, President of the Missouri State Building Trades Council, addresses the crowd at the groundbreaking of the AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust's Encore at Forest Park.

Over the BIT’s 28-year history, the fund has invested more than $130 million in St. Louis for the development and acquisition of 9 projects. Those projects include 525 housing units and 1.48 million square feet of commercial real estate.

Pat White, President, Greater St. Louis Labor Council, AFL-CIO, addresses the crowd at the groundbreaking of the AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust's Encore at Forest Park.

“The Building Investment Trust is a terrific example of how union pension dollars can be used in strategic ways," said Gina Walsh, President of the Missouri State Building Trades Council. She added, "these projects show that you can have comprehensive labor standards and create jobs at the same time.”*

"Building Investment Trust projects like Encore are physical representations of our collective actions, showing how we can take our pension funds back into our community to help create well-paying jobs in St. Louis,” said Pat White, president of the Greater St. Louis Labor Council, AFL-CIO.*

The event was attended by representatives from the Greater St. Louis Labor Council, AFL-CIO; Balke Brown Transwestern; AFL-CIO Investment Trust Corporation; St. Louis Building and Construction Trades Council; Missouri AFL-CIO; Holland Construction; PNC Realty Investors; and the Missouri State Building Trades Council.

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